Unforgivable sins

We've start with hi
Then we've become enemy 
I don't know why suddenly my heart is beating fast when I'm with you
I try to hold it
But it can't 
So I let you know..

I thought it was good when I let you know
But I don't know 
I'm happy
I've started to accept you in my life
I've started to feel blossom in my heart
I know it just for awhile
But I decide to enjoy with it
But it suddenly changed!

We've faced so many problem together
We've try to become stronger 
We've face it together..


It changed !
We're going too far..
We've feel too confidence that our relationship will not going to broke
Until the true problem comes to us
We've lost !

Now and then
I know that the fate is wrong
Our love is not that strong
Even though we've try to get back but it never be the same like before..

You've changed !
I'd changed !
Maybe this is our fate
We've love each other
We've stand together
But at last we've failed to stand together
We've failed to love each other like back then

Love in your heart is fade
Maybe this is our fate
Our love is stand only for 3 years
We've lose

Last words,
I'm glad to know you
I'm happy when I'm with you
You've teached me how to become stronger
And I do love you until now
That's feeling will never fade..

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